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Marianas trench ever after ‘The Story’ to the album

Ever After is a concept album, (as was Masterpiece Theatre). There is a large storyline behind it. In addition to the fact that there is no pause between the tracks, Ever After also has a storyline told through the album’s songs as well as its digital booklet. The story tells a man who has landed in the home of the heartless Queen Carolina. (who is referenced in the end track, “There’s No Place Like Home”).

The man (presumably Josh) meets a king upon his waking up in a strange land in front of a toy factory, who tell the character that he was overthrown by the queen of the land, Queen Carolina, who then banned the king. The king’s adopted daughter, Porcelain, is locked in a tower, stealing her heart as she does so. The Queen then locked away Porcelain’s heart in a box, which also holds the character’s way home. Carolina proceeded to turn the land heartless, stealing the inhabitants hearts. The king then sends the boy to find and save his daughter, Porcelain, explaining she has the other half of Carolina’s key.

Carolina then comes to the character in the night, tempting him to come with her, bribing him to come with him. The only downside to the deal was that the character could not go home. So the boy turns her away. The character then finds the human Porcelain. She has the key around her neck and is asked why she is a human, to which she replies, “I don’t know.” She couldn’t remember her life before her heart had been stolen. The queen’s soldiers, the character explains, has been stealing and locking away hearts without rebellion. All of Carolina’s soldiers are heartless. The two, the character and Porcelain, continue to find the Stuttering Wise Man.

The Stuttering Wise Man is revealed to be the brother of the Outcast King, as well as having a heart. He explains that Porcelain showed up as a lost child and was adopted by the king, but she is from the same place as the character. The Stuttering Wise Man was once in love with Carolina, but after they married, she stole Porcelain’s heart, breaking the King’s, who was weak afterwards and fled.

The Stuttering Wise Man, (Prince, as called by the character), then leads the two into the factory where the toy soldiers are made without hearts. The characters then plead with the heartless soldiers to work together and overthrow the Queen. (Or to “Face the music when it’s dire”, a line repeated throughout the record). They convince the soldiers and go to overthrow Carolina. The Outcast King charges into battle with the rebel soldiers, outnumbered, as Porcelain, the Stuttering Wise Man, and the character go up to the tower where the box of all the things Carolina has stolen is held.

The Queen sees the character and brutally attacks him. Porcelain and the Prince then open the box as the Queen is snatching at the character’s chest. After a flash of light, there is cheers from the courtyard below, and Porcelain is victorious over the Queen. But the Stuttering Prince is dead. The other half of the key had been his own heart. Porcelain throws the Queen off the tower to be swarmed by angry toy soldiers. The King retakes the throne and Porcelain and the character go home, but find that after the adventure, it didn’t feel like home, so the two return to the kingdom and live happily ever after.

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